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evaluna2 evaluna2 26-30, F 4 Answers Oct 6, 2011

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The more u want to forget the more ur get stuck abt it.. let it flow, eventually it will slip away with time..

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Years at best, sometimes never.

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If you really cared and that person was an important part of your life--sorry, but you can't. But the pain can fade if you give it enough time. Eventually, you can remember without wanting to jump off a cliff. My boyfriend, with whom I was involved for ten years. used to love Halloween. If you read my story, "It's Hard To Kill A Dead Man," you will see that I, too, have to let some bad memories fade over the years. Next week, I will be putting Halloween decorations on my guy's grave. A lot of people have had to overcome sad memories. Hang in there and, although you won't forget, it will get better.

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