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A little about me. I've been married 1 year 11months. Got married only after 2 years of knowing each other. We went on holidays recently for four weeks and I discovered more traits about my spouse which sits un well with me. It pretty much made me home sick I think if I was with some I love I wouldn't feel so home sick? I am confused about how he sometimes treat me and why he finds taking photos with me and of or having photo of us so lame? We were on holidays. Is it me or is this strange I am thinking about this a lot now that we are home. I am scared he doesn't really love me even though he said it everyday in the morning before going to work.
saltandpepper saltandpepper 26-30 5 Answers Nov 1, 2012 in Marriage

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not married ! but ..... sexual compatibility.... understanding.. friendship.. loyalty.... support .. companionship .... giving each other space to be individual too .

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it helps if husband and wife reside in different states / cities...

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Keep it In the honeymoon stage yeee!

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