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Iv easily passed 80 different places between all the online and mail in applications Iv done. Iv had 3 interviews and the average number of other people applying for the job is 40 (been as high as 85) I just cant help but have the attitude that college sold me a pack of lies. I made the deans list 3 times and am one of the few people of my old group of "friends" that didnt drop out. Yeah I got training for a specific field with a lot of options but Iv put in for stuff outside of what I went to school for that I know I could do and got the same end result.
HowAboutNoScott HowAboutNoScott 22-25, M 3 Answers Aug 10, 2010

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College student here, a sophomore, and I have to go find a job now because I'm moving back to campus soon. The first (and only) job I had took about 5-10 applications or so (I got lucky and was called and scheduled for an interview within three hours of having applied, was hired on the spot when I walked in to interview,, and have stuck with that job sense when I'm "home", because I can hire back in when I return.). I tried finding a job at school last year and just couldn't, though I'll admit that I could have tried harder. Even minimum wage jobs are hard to find down there; my state has among the highest unemployment rates in the country, still over 10% by the government's numbers. Now, I have to get a job, because I cut out the meal plan to save money, and would like to eat. Also, I kind of go crazy not working, too much free time (and I have made the dean's list every semester) and I wind up getting depressed. I'm applying to jobs online now, and am driving down tomorrow to apply to places in person (I'm hoping for a grocery store job to be open, since I have experience doing that.).<br />
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Seriously though, this economy sucks. At my "old" job, I had a 40-something year old guy with years of management experience working alongside me making minimum wage.

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That bites.

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