one, and that's not funny!
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None. Get a man to do it!

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-One to screw it in,

-one to excoriate men for creating the need for illumination,

-one to blame men for inventing such a faulty means of illumination,

-one to suggest the whole "screwing" bit to be too "rape-like",

-one to deconstruct the lightbulb itself as being phallic,

-one to blame men for not changing the bulb,

-one to blame men for trying to change the bulb instead of letting a woman do it,

-one to blame men for creating a society that discourages women from changing light bulbs,

-one to blame men for creating a society where women change too many light bulbs,

-one to advocate that lightbulb changers should have wage parity with electricians,

-one to alert the media that women are now "out-lightbulbing" men,

-one to just sit there taking pictures for her blog for photo-evidence that men are unnecessary, using a computer and camera that men invented.

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BA right there.

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that is thee best answer to any question that has been asked on EP

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Two. One to screw in the bulb, and one to berate the stupid assed male that installed the fixture to begin with.

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Feminists don't "Screw"! thats a word men use! Pig! Ha!

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How many Sedona AZ residents does it take to screw in a light bulb?

None. they are all already enlightened.

You know, Vortexes, palm reading, new age etc.

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2. One to do it and the other to talk about how oppressive to women the word, "screw," is.

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Feminist do not screw in light bulbs.

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I haven't heard the term 'feminist' for ages.... Is that label still necessary?

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Very true....!

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