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I don't respond to things that I myself have never experienced. I share my experiences in the hope that someone will benefit from them. Keep what you like and feel free to discard anything that's not helpful to you. There are no right or wrong experiences, and there's no need to get offended or upset with if our perception differs on the same experience so keep your rude or crude comments to yourself and move on. 1. Emotionally damaged by a tempermental and highly critical father. 2. Rebelled at father's oppression at 17, became pregnant and eloped (in that order) 3. First Husband was unfaithful, had a habit of abandonment from time to time, and was killed in Vietnam when our son was 2 years old. 4. Four years later I remarried my junion high school flame who physically abused my son once. He physically abused me often. 5.After 5 years of marriage he left only because the doctors concurred that I was on the verge of having a total breakdown - mental, emotional and physical. 6.During this marriage I held down a full time job where I was sexually harrassed by my boss. 7.My son became diabetic during this second marriage. 8.After divorcing I sowed a lot of "wild oats" and looking for love in all the wrong places to the neglect of my son. 9.Five years later I married my 3rd husband who was also abusive to me and was a secret alcholic who, 3 years later, was killed in an alcohol related trucking accident. 10.During this marriage, he brought home a sexually transmitted disease to me. 11.During this marriage, my son went to live with his grandparents and we became estranged from one another and to this day, even though he says he has forgiven my mistakes, we are still not as close to each other. 12.During this 3rd marriage I quit my job of five years and agreed to run his small business for him while he was an over-the-road trucker. He was jealous that I was running the business without him. 13.During this 3rd marriage I found a relationship with God who has brought me emotional and spiritual healing, but I did not escape the physical consequences - I suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and have various physical illnesses related to it. During this period I developed an unshakably strong faith in God. 14.His family blamed me for his drinking because it was easier for them than to face the truth. 15. After his accident - he survived in the burn unit, (in a different state from where we lived) for a month during which time his family persecuted me mercilessly. 16.During this time his trucking company fired him immediately and threatened not to pay workmen's comp for his related medical bills. His ex-wife threatened to take us (me) back to court for non-payment of child support and continued to make it as difficult as possible to settle his estate. I even had to go so far as to hire a lawyer to get released from lawyer's who were still trying after several years to sue everybody that had anything to do with the truck and the company.(The original lawyers said it would hurt their case for the family if I withdrew my name from the suit) 17. I've changed Churches because a legalist pastor denied me the opportunity to practice my God-given ministry of encouragement. 18.I've never known REAL love from a man. 19.Am content to be alone. I was an only child with no brothers, sisters or grandparents. God keeps me too busy to be lonely and I have been happily widowed since 1984. 20.My parents both had a lot of health problems which involved me in a lot of care-taking during their lives. 21.My mother went through a nervous breakdown while living with me when my father was hospitalized f.or for a month. I had a full time job and was taking care of a diabetic child at the same time. 22.My parents had no close friends and depended on me alone for a their support system and social life. 23 My father lived 10 years after my mother's death which gave us an opportunity to get to know each other and develop a relationship with each other. I learned some things that I didn't know: he was shot twice during WW2 and was finally discharged with a nervous breakdown. My father wanted to see live with and take care of his elderly sick parents before he married. My mom promised to live with them after they married, but immediately got pregnant and insisted on moving out on their own. I finally realized that he had valid reasons to be an angry person. 24. My dad was an extreme pack-rat (grew up in a poor family during the Great Depression) which influenced me to go to the other extreme. 25. I've experienced 3 major life-threatening operations. 26. Am in daily constant pain. 27.Lost my best friend of 10 years with no explanation. 28.Daily live with the fact that my non-malignant brain tumor could start growing at any time and require further surgery. 29. Spent my first 30 years without knowing God, 30.Spent the last 30 years getting to know Him. 31.Quit smoking for 15 years but have slowly been drifting back to it this last year upon my retirement. 32.Always struggled with weight problems. 33.Lost my thick hair twice due to illness. 34.Feel overwhelmed easily due to my PTSD. 35.As best I can, I've tried to simplify my life in every way possible, and learned to separate necessary stress from the unnecessary. 36..Believe that God has gifted me with two different ministries on which the majority of my time and energy is spent on. 37.With God's help I have arrived in my "promised-land and have finally found my "sweet spot" in life.
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Eh, ye, wow. I couldn't list them like you have done I think I'd be cutting my wrists part way through.<br />
This is rich comming from me but don't you have any good happy "major events" that you have called them in your life? Maybe you should write a list of them aswell, might make you feel better xox.

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