i try to walk all the time but many miles is 10,000 steps ???
goodseemore goodseemore 41-45, F 9 Answers Nov 29, 2011

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If your walking four miles just go the pace to get your cardio working.

The stronger you get just keep increasing your pace so that your heart is working.

Just plain walking evreyday is good for you.

Try every second day hard fast pace then the next normal and alternate.

Water, water, take some with you drink lots after and lots of stretching before and after.

Fuel up before each fast walk, fruit, juices or granola bar.

Pasta or high carb diet night before for when doing lots of miles + water + fast burrning fuel for the day.

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If you have a newer set of Nikes and an I-pod w/ the fitness program on it, it will count your steps for you. Then you can figure out how far 10K in steps are really for you. I was surprised when I ran mine for a day and I hit 4K in steps just walking around my office with a desk job.

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the trainers at my gym say you should warm up for 10 minutes, keep your heart rate elevated for 30 minutes, then warm down for 10 minutes. as you get used to exercising, you will have to work harder to keep your heart rate up.

how to figure your max heart rate during cardio - 226 - (age) = maximum heart rate (beats per minute).

if you want to know how far you walk throughout your normal day, try a pedometer. they are fairly inexpensive.

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That depends on different things like day to day activity.Do you work behind a desk all day or move around alot.Depends on your overall health and your physical conditioning.4 miles is realistic and healthy.

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I have been told 10,000 steps a day.

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I can brag a bit more than JoeDakota, I used to ride an average of 70 miles a day (often more than 100). I'm not sure I'm capable of that now, but a four mile trot is fine - providing you have plenty of smokes.

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it really depends on what else you are doing and if you are trying to do this for exercise. I'm assuming you mean total steps daily, because 4 miles is more than enough if you're talking about your exercise routine.

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