i always knew i was never gonna be anything like him. to my shock, i have turned into the person he was.
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I think of 'pld folks' as being people in their '70's, '80's and up. Me, I'm not an 'old folks'! LOL

I know that I have some of both of my parent's characters blended in with my own. I'll sometimes catch myself acting or thinking a certain way, and I'll say to myself "My God, that's just like my mother, or that's just like my father", Then I get a warm feeling of knowing where I come from, and realise that who I am is more colored by my own experiences in life.

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I see traces of both of my parents in me... but what astounds me is how much respect I have for the things they did that I used to think were so darn stupid.

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I discovered very early in my adulthood that I was becoming my mother. And in some ways, also my father.

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My parents used to embarrass me very much when I was a teenager. Or so I thought.

Making me go to charity shops, having a shopping trolly thing that was stitched up the side with a shoe lace.

Well I have now become probably more embarrassing, I say what I think, look for bargains everywhere.

Have a wicker basket on my bike and am totally uncool.

God it's great not feeling you have to conform.

I have even bought a very sensible trolly for shopping.

It's great

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Hey--i'm not OLD!!..but I look almost exactly like my Mom!...

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I consider myself fortunate to have mutated into my father (even though I'm a woman). He was a truly great man... intelligent, funny, kind and generous. I still don't quite 'have it right', but I'm working on it!

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I mutated out of ,and then away from my parents..

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