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Imagine they are all average-sized oranges. No this is not a game, I do not know the answer. I'm making an orange wine, but my recipes pre-date cartons of juice that I have. Ok I'd better update this: I do not have any oranges. it is a recipe, therefore the oranges are imaginary, and presumably average sized. They say I must use 12, but I have none. I do have five litres of orange juice, I want to know how I covert from imaginary oranges in the recipe to litres in real life.
TheLuckyHobo TheLuckyHobo 31-35, M 5 Answers Feb 23, 2009

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Orange wine is made from grapes. Not oranges. You muppet.

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jp5040 is close. The size of an orange does not predict the amount of the juice, however. The WEIGHT of the orange gives you the best answer. Always use "valencias" for best juice. A "navel" is for eating, not juicing. The valencia has a thin and not always very pretty skin, but, that does not matter because you use if for juice. You can go weigh an average size juicing orange (valencia) & multiply that by 12, then remeber, a pound's a pound the world around. Convert it. There are usually wieght & measure conversions in any cookbooks (& substitutions).

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