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I wouldn't advise exceeding the daily dosage instructions on pack as they're there for good reason. If you're finding over-the-counter sleeping pills ineffective, perhaps pay your GP a visit - he may suggest something scheduled/stronger. I've had issues with insomnia my entire life, and relied on sleeping pills for many years. Then, I was told that I was no longer allowed to take them as they could have a potentially fatal interaction with one of my other medications. Ultimately I had no other choice but to try alternative methods. Some have proven to be successful (much to the surprise of a skeptic like me). ;)

* Don't eat too late in the evening. The body needs at least four hours to start with the digestion

* No caffeine past six o'clock.

* Don't work on things that promote stress - rather reorganize and do the slower more relaxing chores later in the evening.

* Don't watch TV programs with deep problematic subjects (i.e. if your into the well being of animals, a program on animal cruelty may stir-up emotions.) Also, try and disconnect all social media.

* Don't get into argumental subjects with your significant other (this will project negative vibes.)

* Drink warm milk with honey.

* Drink Chamomile tea or take Rescue drops/tablets (Homoeopathic sedative.)

* Take a hot bath and add bath salts/oils that contain ingredients that promote relaxation.

* If all else fails, don't fight the insomnia. Watch some mindless Reality TV or read a funny book - it will shift your thoughts off the insomnia and onto something else. Eventually you'll find that you'll feel calm enough to attempt sleep again. :)

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