my 1/2 brothers mom just found out she is in the 4th stage of bone and blood cancer i was just wondering how many stages is there
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Every type of cancer has stages. I pasted this from, hope it helps! Stage four cannot be cured. I lost my Dad when i was 17 from cancer. I'm so so sorry and I wish the best for you and your family.

Stage 0-Carcinoma in situ (early cancer that is present only in the layer of cells in which it began).

Stage 1,2,3- Higher numbers indicate more extensive disease: greater tumor size, and/or spread of the cancer to nearby lymph nodes and/or organs adjacent to the primary tumor.

Stage 4-The cancer has spread to another organ.

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Cancer is staged by the degree of involvement in the tissue it starts in and whether it has spread outside that tissue. For example: In a person who has a colon cancer there are 4 stages possible. stage 1: cancer starts in colon, stage 2,3: cancer has moved throughout all tissue layers in the colon to the outside of the colon to the mesentary and lymph nodes,stage 4: cancer has also spread to another organ like the liver or lungs.

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my aunt is suffering from blood cancer, at present her WBC range is 1,24,000.... can you describe the stage of that patient

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AS far as I know and can remember there are only 4 stages of cancer that are recognized by medical professionals. Stage 4 is the worst. I am so sorry about your brothers mom.

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