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im not sure but im certainly finding out.

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I'm 23 and never have. Whoever I cared for either didn't like me back or just wanted to bang me once. So, it doesn't matter to me now. I don't see a point. I don't want to get married or have kids. Human beings aren't worth love beyond friendship.

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guess it depeds on what you feel about love

i have loved once very young and we were very happy in life and we had many plans for the future.

i have know a feel others sensemy wifes death and we are friends but never whatthe 2 of us had for the few years of frind ship first best friends the GF and BF then husband and wife at age 13 and the love we sharedtillher death in 1967

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You can love as many times as you want to, love comes in many different ways, and never runs out.

Yes I think everyone has a time in their life when love for a human, if you mean as a partner means nothing, through our experiences.

But I carry on loving inspite of it all, and I may experience and express love in other ways, just not toward a partner or potential partner. But I will never stop loving, they can't take that away from me...

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