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47 years!!!

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Hello Ms. Disguise,

Now I admit that this is going to sound cold and calculated ... at first. But this is actually a good way to find a mate, or even a house or car!

You need to accumulate a "database" of experiences, whether that means dating various people, or test-driving several candidates for car purchases -- after you have sampled anywhere between, say 10 to 20 candidates -- then select the VERY NEXT candidate who is BETTER than all of the previous 10 to 20 candidates!!!

This even works well for employers who are interviewing potential employees!

If you have a larger database at your disposal, say 50 to 100, then select the VERY NEXT candidate that is BETTEr than all of the previous 50 to 100 candidates.

The obvious question is this: How do I know whether I should sample 10-20, or 50-100, or 5,000-10,000? The answer is this: How much time have you allotted to make your choice -- and the total number of possible candidates.

The mathematical reasoning behind this is that you should sample about 37% of the possible pool of candidates -- to get a good idea of what the pool looks like -- AND you have plenty of remaining choices from which to select. Actually the number 37% comes from the fraction of 1 divided by "e" -- which is a constant of nature (2.718281828...) -- which in this case, comes out to about 37%.

Admittedly, my answer is very long -- and over-thought, but this decision making process is based on mathematical logic.



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Don't know if I have.

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I have been throwing crap at walls for years. Still nothing stuck accept a few cases.

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Not yet...

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