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*shudder and vom*

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To each his own. If there is no intent to harm others, its cool with me.

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If they're not causing harm to anyone, all you can do is continue to support them.

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You're very welcome.

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Hello my name is Jenny and my Ex boyfriend......has wore all my clothes, well at least all my dresses and lingerie. I know it sounds so yucky, but he grew up wearing girls clothes and when we were getting serious about getting married, his sister told me all about him.

At first I was furious and broke it off, then when I was telling my best girl friend about him. We devised a plan that has helped me out over the years.

We decided to let him go right on wearing girls clothes that he so much wanted too. Of course he has his own clothes to wear now. We turned him into our personal maid. He is my care taker for my large home while I'm off traveling in my job and it doesn't cost me a thing. He also cleans my girl friends home too at no cost.

Oh, we didn't get married or dont date anymore, but he is like a business person now. I had been hunting for someone to take care of my house while I'd be away for a month at a time, and my girl friend suggested that we use it to our advantage.

He lives in my home in the quest room, he has a big walk in closet full of dresses, skirts and tops to wear when ever he wants. He wears girls lingerie 24/7 and looks

like a girl all the time. He doesn't own any male clothing at all. If he needs to dress more conservative, he has ladies jeans and shirts that he can wear that may resemble guys clothes.

I know this may not be an acceptable life for a lot of women out there, but it is one way to keep the man you loved close by you and still benefit from it too. You see once you let them do as they want, they will do anything you ask of them just to thank you for letting them be who they are.

Having a house cleaner has its benefits too. I dont have to do anything around the house. He caters to all my needs. I know every woman today would jump at the chance of having a personal maid to take care of them and all their house work too.

And too I would have rather had a real man to live with as a husband instead of a sissy girl, but having the circumstances turn out the way they did, has worked out to my advantage..

So any women going thru what I have, may want to think about the above before disowning your boyfriend or hubby when you catch him in your clothes.

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I'm fine with it as long as they don't touch my stuff. Well they would have to ask before borrowing anything.

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They have my full support.

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Wouldn't bother me if they were wearing the women's clothes..but my if they were my panties I would have a fit. We do NOT share panties LOL

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