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It costs $35 to register a copyright online with the Copyright Office, or $50 to register a copyright using a paper Form CO with printed barcode, or $65 for registering a copyright using a simple paper form. Almost all copyright registrations can be applied for either online or using Form CO, depending on your preference. Beyond the cost savings, it is a good idea to file electronically because the wait time for a copyright registration is about one year longer for paper filings than for electronic filings.<br />
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Because there is a wait of up to 9 months for an electronic application to be processed and up to 22 months for a paper filing, it is best to apply for registration early. If you find it necessary to obtain a rush copyright registration in order to file suit against a copyright infringer, the cost of expedited processing of your application at the Copyright Office is $760.<br />
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A full list of copyright costs is available at the Copyright Office website here.<br />
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