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prolly be the same as when the y2k bug was gonna hit! and REM will make a fortune in royalties for their song lol

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oops sorry, thats why i didnt name it...oh the shame of it all!!! lol

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IDK but I know I have high hopes for it

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in the UK it'll be overshadowed by the Olympics, fortunately

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I am lying on this hillside

underneath the nuclear rain

The radioactive fallout

is feeding on my brain

I’m now the sole survivor

of a world that went insane

I am sighing on this hillside

underneath the nuclear rain

The birds of midnight droned

their grim requiem of death

Their bellies held destruction

and the world held its breath

Then satan’s manic mushroom

formed a cloud before our eyes

Which billowed up from hell

and spread across the skies

We were all found to be guilty

when it came to judgment day

We were given a death sentence

and we blew ourselves away

Now the noxious acid gases

from the chemical attack

Permeate the atmosphere

and turn our rivers black

I am crying on this hillside

for the sadness of our fate

The consequence of hatred

we all failed to contemplate

I have a splitting headache

and I’m doubled up in pain

I am dying on this hillside

underneath the nuclear rain

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Don't really know.


If everyone sends me the money they have left after paying their governments taxes, the world will be saved! ; )

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There will be marches! There will be rioting in the streets! There will be a cover on STAR magazine! There will be t-shirt sales- "I survived Doom's Day" or "The end is near!" depending on whether you are an optimist or pessimist.

Heck, I don't know. It might be hyped up in every venue, or it might just go by as others have. Who knows?

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A lot but a little bit less than too much :)

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Well,it starts with the asteroid on Tuesday.

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