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You know your regular general practitioner is better than nothing. Just go make a damn appointment!

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plz dont take any drug medicines! They dont solve problems, rather hyper it!

Take these three hints:

1. Join a sportive team and do regular attendance and training.

2. Have well balanced meals rich in omega 3 and vitamin B complex!

3. Live a simple yet beautiful life and never compare urself to what others achieve or have! Coz you are like everybody is unique and special!

Besides keep faith in God and try to search for a volunteering or charity work at some philantropic union or club! This works best! Not only better than these toxins named different things!

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Thank you aycha for kind advice

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you are welcome Nido :)

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Inderal is usually prescribed for high blood pressure. Using it for any other reason is usually up to a doctor. I would suggest not messing with it and just to talk to a doctor.

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