There are levels related to income: The Super upper who are the 1% who have most of america's money (more than 100 million dollars a year, do not need to work but do because they are CEOs or higher, barely works, extreme extravagant vacations, may own private islands, may own private jets, may collect vehicles worth 100s of thousands of dollars, may own more than two mansions, etc) The Upper Class (still works but really do not need to but they do because they are CEOs, larger house, money in savings, a lot of time off work for elaborate vacations, may have more than three cars, etc) The Upper Middle class (works but makes ends meet plus savings, plus money for fun, may own more than one car and has no payments, a bigger house, higher up on the totem pole at work, has more education, etc). How much do you think they make a year? The Middle class (owns a modest functional house, owns a car, has a bs degree and a career, disappearing from society, makes ends meet and has money left over for fun or for savings, etc.) The Middle Lower (still rents, works but not on welfare, barely making ends meet but they do, may own a car after help from family and/or friends, may be in debt, etc) The Low class (poverty, on welfare, rent their housing or the gov pays for housing, often misses payments for rent, does not own a car, uses the bus, is a growing segment of the population,etc.) The low Lower class (homeless, they have nothing but maybe dirty clothes which they wear)
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Being in a "class" depends on a variety of factors, including income, education, standing in society and home location. Living in an expensive city, like New York or Los Angeles, requires a higher income than living in a mid-west small town so in "real" terms, one could have an income of higher class in a mid-west small town that is substantially lower than a person living in New York who, despite the higher income, would be in a lower class. Also, money does not make a class, so for example, a drug dealer making $1 million a year with no education and poor manners would be considered of a lower class than a medical doctor earning $150,000 a year.

So, in very general terms:

Upper/Upper Class is income more than $1 million

Upper/Middle Class is income more than $350,000

Upper/Lower Class is income more than $150,000

Middle/Upper Class is income more than $100,000

Middle/Middle Class is income more than $65,000

Middle/Lower Class is income more than $45,000

Again, income alone does not define class. You could be Ivy League educated college professor earning $75,000 a year and hanging in all the right circles and be upper class by how you carry yourself.

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don't no i have never been in the middle ...

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My dad made about 400k last yr and I think he's upper middle class.

yeah every year that I know of... You know Homer Simpson... He does that but lol obviously in more detail. He also travels alot for work... He has a Masters in Nuclear Science or Engineering.. He could of retired years ago if he didnt have a wife, a girlfriend, an ex wife with 6 kids 3 out of college 2 in college and one that just turned 16... o my poor daddy lol

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If it every year that he makes that much? If so, I think he is upper middle.

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