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flipper1966 flipper1966 70+, M 10 Answers Dec 2, 2012 in EP

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EP is always on my screen, even if I'm up and working. When I need a break, this is usually where I am. If it's a very slow day at work, I could be here all day. Like today, it's stormy out, and I honestly don't expect any customers to come in, so this will most likely be a day I'll be here most. I do have a few things to do, though, but cumulatively, I'll probably spend about 3-4 hours here today, when usually its about 2-3.

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Hills and valleys, at times a lot all day even, others missing in action. Now here but not always here, logged in but doing something else.

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It's getting less and less by the days. :/

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