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I've always had issues with feeling like people care about me or tht im actually needed (among other things) but they're getting worse due to what the situation im in right now.... how do i make myself feel like im good enough, how not to feel like dirt?
drifter0818 drifter0818 18-21 4 Answers Aug 6, 2011

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hey drifter, honestly i feel the same. all the time. i often think to myself "how can others not feel worthless?" and i wonder how others can be so pleased with themselves and be self-confident? but then what is worth? why should we try hard to please anyone? most of the time we can please others by just being happy ourselves and just being fair and honest. i remember being younger and self-confident and noone criticized me. but ever since i'm depressed and feel worthless, people disrespect me and patronize me. i'm so off my game that i'm only trying not to kill myself when in fact i guess i should just try and get busy with things i enjoy and hope that at some point people will feel attracted to my positive attitude again. i think it's a cycle.

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-Love yourself<br />
-Be confident with who you are, if others are criticizing you, don't care about them, It's just an opinion- Don't get hurt by their judgements.<br />
-Do what you really want in your life,<br />
-Maybe a simple makeover would do , like the other one mentioned, new haircut, etc , etc<br />
<br />
You're not worthless, you just didn't found your worth yet, it'll soon come. :)<br />
<br />

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I am sorry you feel that way :( Hugs<br />
<br />
Do something for yourself......haircut, new outfit, take a class & etc.<br />
You need to pick up your spirits!!!<br />
It is amazing when you make yourself feel good and do for yourself how different things look!<br />
<br />
Also maybe you could try and get out of your "situation" if you can

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