take a shower/bath change your undies change your socks/stockings brush your teeth have a drink (alcoholic)
Sebastiannn Sebastiannn 26-30, M 9 Answers Feb 14 in Community

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Every other day

Every day

Every day

Twice a day

Every month or so

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1. About twice a week

2. Twice or thrice a week.

3. I grab fresh socks whenever I need them

4. Daily

5. Not old enough to drink.

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every day besides the alcohol.

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shower/ bath most everyday. Don't wear undies often. Brush teeth once to twice a day, maybe 3 times. Drink maybe once a month, but having more wine recently. Like few times a week red wine.

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Shower/bath/ change undies socks daily. Brush teeth twice daily. No drinking at all.

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shower....usually 2 times unless I have a midday quicky, then 3

undies...the same, when I wear them at all

teeth 3 times

booze, a couple times a week

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I dont i always at bed

My fictional friend said it is bad for me

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