How, Fingers or tool?
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This is my experience. I started massaging my prostate 4 years ago and every time it feels unbelievable. Pros-tate org-asm is far more powerful than di-k org-asm. Like comparing a Volkswagen to a Lamborghini. It will also last as long as you can take it. Once you experience the first pros-state org-asm you can go from one to the next and to the next and so on. This pleasure is coming from dip inside the core of your body and it will travel thru the whole system. At the beginning when I first experienced this incredible pleasure just by accident I touched my pubic hair and I felt the most amasing pleasure. Crazy as it sounds but it’s true. While you are experiencing the org-asm do not touch your pe-cker. Let the pleasure come from inside. That is the whole idea. Visit the “” website and read the blog.

I normally do 2 or 3 hour sessions every time and most of the org-asms can last minutes not seconds that is why after a while I am exhausted and to break the spell I grab my di-k and do a regular ejacu-lation and that will for the most part end it.

So to answer your question you can do it as much as you want or your body can take. If your pros-tate doesn’t feel like it then you don't, it is as simple as that. But remember is addictive.


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Never. Not against it. But, no.

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that's the point of the quesiton.. I'mn not sure there are many men that will be that open about it...

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I'm way into. Not as much as joey150, but I see where he's "coming" from. Oh myy..

No butt serious, oh myy...

I think a couple times a week at least. 10 minute sessions, at least.

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