Lately i have been depressed and quite pessimistic. My thoughts torment me into thinking people hate me. Well im sick of it i wanna be positive but i dont know how
dancingqueen87 dancingqueen87 16-17, F 4 Answers Jan 18 in Health

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you have to train your mind to stay on the positive track; you have to stop when you find yourself resorting to old patterns of thinking and doing. you have to be open and see the world in a different light. you want to change, so that's your first step.

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dont be a pessimistic, it just make you hate yourself. why they hating you? if they dont like you it's their problem!

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First listen to the Whitney Houston song "The greatest Love of All ". N then memorize the words n say them every day. Learning to love urself is the greatest love of all. Then everyone else loves u

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