Confidence level determination begins on the inisde... You must first conentrate your all you energy thoughts in a positive way towards the strong points of your well being for you will never give off the impression of being a confidant if you don't truly believe it in the first place. Everybody was weaknesses, and being highly confidant dosen't exempt your from being human but it is those who concentrate more energy towards there downfalls and not enough focus directed on the posivite aspects of thier existance that have such low self-conidence. Designate some time and reflect apon your strong points and if you can think of any ask the people that know you best. As for when confience level is a low point we are blind to our own excellence and high discepible to minor faults and percieve the worst. Just be excellent to your self and each other and everything will balance itself out. No supcription medication or expensive theropy needed. The power is within my friend and.... and NOW we shall take over the world. :P hugz for u

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