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There will be lonely partiers on EP, just to keep in touch with human folks. Watch a film, make yourself cosy. :)

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Well, I was going to avoid it altogether but I have decided to do the opposite now, and I am going to buy a tree and decorate it and have some fun for myself. I might cook myself a special dinner and I might even buy a bottle of Bailey's Irish Cream and have a lovely dessert. And then I'm going to watch some television and I'm going to listen to music...Christmas music!!!! And I'm going to space out on my Christmas lights and the pretty ornaments on my tree...I love doing that!!!

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cook yourself dinner; just because you're alone doesn't mean you can't do anything nice for yourself;.buy present for yourself. and if you have a family living in different city; chat with them on web camera; this way you don't have to be alone. Christmas is about celebrating Christ's birth; not a time to dwell and feel self pity; also remember he's always watching over you and will be with you in spirit.

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Count your Blessings and buy yourself a few presents.

Play soothing music and avoid sappy Christmas movies... they will depress you.

Understand that you have friends here on EP and that you are never truly alone as long as you maintain contact .

If you have a fireplace start a nice fire and drink some eggnog.

Many people go to a movie theater and see a good movie or two on Christmas.

I you are out in public smile and wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

If you are religious look to a church for programs they may offer to others who are alone for the season.

I wish you Love Light and many Blessings,


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Play music or movie u like eat your fave meal and buy yourself something nice u really wanted and call a friend in talk

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I am alone most of the time. On special day, i take some friend for dinner or cook some nice food at home, drink a few beers, watch some good movie and wish my loved ones on the phone.

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Have some me time and make a great stay at home vacation with all the foods you like, plenty of films and good books..... fantastic!

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Easy! You stand in front of a world map, close your eyes, point to a country, open your eyes, get hotel and airline tickets to that destination, visa if you need to, get a city guide of the place you're going to and pack your bags!!

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i wish i could but i lack money at the moment

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