This seems rather confusing. Be your own friend and choose to be around who you want or who treat you well. I have had a similar thing but I was sold that one was evil one was defaulted as ok(via myself) as it turns out. I was my own worst enemy. I mistrusted what I already felt and knew and subscribed to a lie. Laying down for tri-annual contract, in hoops of dreams and pure bliss and ever after I was just another entrant in the clearing house sweepTAKEs ... <br />
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I can and have no one to blame but me.. I would suggest(not advise ) you really follow your heart and with what logic u can make n weigh out the probable an recall the past lives. People change. They really do. So if both have caused you tears n scraped pulmonary tissue, think think think. U mentioned old behaviors, you're aware of.. That's great. Now re-think your course. What would the old u do? Was it ok? Were you happy or fulfilled? Tailor your way of thinking, is what I have to remind myself of daily.DAILY! my first ideas.. are never the one I run with... or I will succeed in the greatest of landslides. Friendships are hard and like a marriage, most worth fighting for, some are just as you mentioned.. Toxic.

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