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I am not sure it is something to find or is it something they share with you.

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Yes it is possible, but you don't find it, it finds you,and when it does you will know it.true love is are like a magnet to each other, It is the greatest feeling, you will know it when it happenes

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Its not something you can somehow just make appear or see because they want to show it. Either its there or its not.

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We seek, we strive, we search alone

We hunt beneath each upturned stone

We scan and scour each hidden nook

In every concealed cranny look

We forage hard and never tire

To find true love which we desire

To find someone who’ is just right

Be with us thro each long dark night

One day it seems the hand of fate

Has helped us find the perfect mate

But when we see the bird has flown

We seek, we strive, we search alone

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I agree with Linklock it is something they decide to share with you.

It is up to you to share the love inside you with others. You cannot control what others will do with their love.

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