Without using pills or supplements and stuff like that. Does anyone know of a more natural way to gain weight? :) Any help will be appreciated o:) I have a very fast metabolism so eating doesn't help much x_x
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I gain 13 pounds last 2 a 3 months

because I started to eat normaly and didn't skip meals

I have alarm clock at my mobile and when they ring I have to eat and it works

I eat breakfast ofcourse,

at 10:30 I have a healthy snack or a sandwich

12:15 luch

14:30 another healthy snack or a sandwich

17:30 supper

20:00 something else to eat

it really works and I have a healthy weight now :)

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Thanks, I'll try it out :)

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Food with lots of Carbs. (rice, bread, etc) then don't do work or exercise you can watch movies if you like but don't ever sweat :)

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Foodstuff having carbo.

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At your age, it'll be years before you slow down enough to smell the roses...Next will be boys and cars...give yourself some time...late bloomers are always the best looking after College years....

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eat, eat and eat some more :P

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When you eat, eat more. Especially breakfast and dinner, just eat more. And don't eat unhealthy to gain weight, you gain weight, but not in a good way. Just eat more of the healthy stuff.

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