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my friend went through a divorce, the judge split custody till the child is 4, so right now they take turns every other month one of them takes the child (the child is almost 3 now). the dad is in the military the mom works minimum wage while in school trying to get a cert to get a better job. when the child turns 4 the dad will have full custody. she is a good person but her family turned on her and supported the dad. is there anything she can do to change this and be able to get custody of her child? they both live in different states right now. how do i know 100% shes the best one for the child to go to? i dont know the dad that much but i know shes not a horrible person and idk what i would do without my baby...
jbrose413 jbrose413 22-25 2 Answers Feb 9, 2013 in Parenting & Family

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the only thing i could think of, is if the mother & father set up a custody arrangement together, and take it to a judge.

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