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kapsee kapsee 41-45 2 Answers May 2, 2009

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There are alot of herbs that can increase sexual power and potency. Among them are the banana. It is used to cure impotency and also to increase fertility. But never cut a banana. To cut it is to cut it's power short. <br />
Black Cohosh (black snake root) can be used in a love satchet, or added to a bath.<br />
Sun Oil: Add 4 drops of franincense oil to 2 drops of cinnamon and a drop of petit grain and a drop of rosemary, mixed in sunflower based oil. When you make sun oil, it has a stronger effect on a man. It increases stamina, and sexual performance. You must rub it on the base of your spine and just below your testicles (make sure it doesn't burn! Test it before you start rubbing in that sensitive area!!), and envision yourself as being a very good lover.....If you want any more ideas, just holler....I am all about the herbals. :D

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Actually I want to increase my Capacity for *******, Immediately while entering it has got collapsed, Please advice me best medicine

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