Hi there! I meet him and get well known of him when we became groupmates on a camp. I saw him before but didnt know him. At first i thought he hates me but several weeks later he always txted me, his friend teast him, and many more like taking photos of me secretly? And last 24th of the december there are many girls around him and chatting him but he called me and he smile. All girls around me look at me and then he greet me. It makes me feel weird and not comfortable.
etude etude 16-17, F 7 Answers Dec 26, 2013 in Community

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He likes you, and you feeling all weird means you like him.

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I dont know. It might be? Oh no its confusing.... thanks it makes me realize to find out if i'm liking him...

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He bumps into stuff around you and seems more forgetful.

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This may take awhile.

He may always gives you a hug when he sees you.

You always seem to catch him staring at you.

He ask about you.

Tries to impress you.

Tries to make you laugh.

May try to ask questions to get to know you.

Smiles at you.

Finds a way to touch you (This may also he wants you sexually)

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He did it, almost all. But i'm pretty sure he cant give me a hug. He respects my parents. Thanks :)

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Oh yeah, he likes you. But be careful these guys are getting smarter and smoother:)

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He gives you that look.

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If he's jumping up and down naked by your bed

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He shows you and he tells you.

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