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Dear Lavenderorchidgirl,

I Believe That There's No Man Deserves My

Brain Cells, My Heart Beat Or Even My Eye


That Doesn't Mean That I Hate Guys, No.. It's

Just That The Real Man, The Good Man, Will

Do His Best To Get Close To Me.. He'll Chase

Me No Matter What I Do To Him..

I Never Chase A Guy..!

I Don't Care If I Like Him, Or Even If He Likes

Me So Bad..

& Thats What Every Girl Should Do.. Cuz Girls

Are (( PRECIOUS ))..

So, If He Wants You, Let Him Chase You..

Don't Chase Him..!

Got It Sweetheart..?

Peace: RAWAN.S

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I don't think anyone can make another do anything no matter the direction of the waiting however I understand the wanting him to call, I am the same always waiting for the guy to make the move no matter what it is... I would recommend calling him, if you get an answering machine than just call the once... check out where the situation is at...

He may be shy? he may not be interested? he might be waiting for you? he may be interested and worried about being rejected... sometimes things can be misread... but never should assume what another's situation is...

Call him... take the risk, finding out one way or another is better than waiting?

Apparently guy's like to be chased as we girls do... or so the guy I've been seeing keeps saying when I hold back waiting for him... and mind you, we both did hold back for months before either of us said anything... go figure hey

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Incentives dear, incentives...

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if u like him ad ur heart is missing him every time,,,u know u love him lot,,u r fall in love,,so u want to talk with him always,,,

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hmm you should watch Ugly Truth Movie, there's a way to make him call you back :)

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send him a text message that reads "call me", he should get the drift

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