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So I have a 5 month old and a stubborn baby daddy we left each other about 1 month after the baby was born. Here's the bigger problem: we both live in an apartment complex where we see each other everyday. My uncle owns the property so he gave me a unit immediately after we split. Idon't want to see him anymore I can't heal like the average person, I get to see him night and day more than him actually because I live further back and pass his unit (unavoidable) on my way to mine. He does see my child like he's supposed to but this is more of a me problem. I've asked him to move which he rejects immediately. He finds it very affordable to stay and since he dosent see me or my car each day he's more comfortable. I own a house out of state and am thinking ill just make the move but I have so much to lose by leaving. I cannot affordto move eelsewhere unlike him, who makes a zillion more than I do. What do people suggest? I live in California and yes he pays child support.
abluepi abluepi 31-35, F 1 Answer May 1, 2014 in Parenting & Family

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Don't take baby away from dad. Baby needs you both. You will find it easier, maybe it will take a while, 4 months isn't very long.

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