I am 56 and a widow. It seems all my frinds from when I was married are very busy with their families and significant others. I want to know where to meet other single women (as friends)?
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Frozen food section of your local supermarket at 3:00 a.m.

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Singles night? Personal ads?

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I can sense you really miss your husb VERY much. A circle of " girl friends' would be perfect for you.Check in your newspaper for clubs, activities you enjoy. ..night classes in pottery or flower arranging. Learn a skill and meet people.

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Parents without partners. See if there's a chapter nearby by looking in your yellow pages. For community with others in your situation, make friends to shop with etc.

And you never know, you could find romantic sort of companionship. Dating sites are for just that, dating-sex. Hard to make girlfriends there. Think overman missed it.

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Hang out at funerals and law offices. Another very good tactic that many people don't realize is to become friends with a private investigator. They can hook you up with soon to be divorced women on the rebound looking to prove something.

Otherwise, there are TONS of dating sites on the internet that will do just what you are asking.

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If you just want to chat and exchange opinions there is a wonderful group of women here whom I am sure you will like to meet and become friends with. Regarding the off line world I really can not tell you because I am experiencing the same thing you do, although different circumstances ( i am divorced with a small child ) and I have found it hard to meet women my age in similar circumstances. I wish you luck and hope you find and meet friends that appreciate you and care for you.

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