I am quite a confident person and enjoy attention within my friendship group. Believe it or not but I am the loud one, the clown and love being with my friends! BUT...when it comes to big crowds i become severely breathing becomes tight and I am completely uncomfortable. I have no problem meeting new people...It's just the big crowds....when I say crowds...I mean large groups of people (not an audience). There's no confidence issues, I'm just super anxious around areas with crowds (e.g cities etc) I haven't been diagnosed with SAD, however it is quite evident to me that it does exist within me. Others also notice it and have commented on it
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Practice. Practice. And Practice. That is how I'm getting over it.

But it only works if you have nothing causing the disorder, such as being a victim of abuse, a traumatic experience, etc.

If there is a cause, then you must fix that, if it is still happening, then move on, which you can do so by getting out there.

One way is by joining this new experience, "I Want A Quest." It is specifically meant for giving people fun ways to get over this problem - it obviously could use the support with only 2 members, ha ha.

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Listen carefully,

DON'T THINK ABOUT OTHERS.. People who suffer from SAD are very caring I saw and misjudged by pep unfortunately.. Just do what's right and there's nothing more you can do..relax...

You are creating it. It doesn't exist really... Just think that.

IT DOESN'T MATTER what others are thinking about you. You are a good person. Mostly no one gives a damn also, so why would you feel bad? :/


Just let go..... The most important here..

Be just cool you know... Do regular stuff... enjoy LIFE!...

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Thank you! I honestly don't care about judgements...when I say 'big crowds' I mean...large numbers of people at school in the yard etc. There are now 2000 students attending my school and the school yard is jam packed! And it stresses me being around so many people! I'm not sure why! I think it's genetic. There's no confidence issue

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Zoloft helps make things tolerable most of the time. It's far from perfect tho.

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Breathe, for one. Take yourself out of your head for a minute and focus on calming your body. Secondly, just remember despite how outgoing, loud and friendly some are, we're all essentially afraid of one another. Thirdly, no one cares. Not saying that in a bad way, but most people will not remember you or notice you. Fourthly, be afraid to err. Nothing wrong in goofing up, we all do it. If you remember some of those, you wont be afraid..good luck from a fellow social phobic.

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Clonazepam (sp) @ the first deep breath of adrenaline and then begin your cognative resolution. I have barely started to distinguish between general nervousness and the onset of panic and sub paranoia. Critical errors here in my headare VERY bad for those I choose to 'fear'. Fists and weapons down, I ask for help and for a partner to validate not reinforce what I'm feeling. I ask them not to understand but to coach. Practice makes...plausible sense; however, I am slowly surrounding myself with isolation.

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Yeah, practice. I mean you can get meds but sometimes the cure is worse than the disease.

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You didn't give any details so I'll just go off ur comment.

"but when it comes to big crowds I become severely stressed!"

feel like anything can happen eh? <- best advice ever

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practice facing social situations head more avoidance

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Yeah. I am a confident person and get along with others great. Quite good at making speeches but when it comes to big crowds I become severely stressed!

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