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just assume they might or might not be. that's the nature of the internet.

on a really primitive level, some people ask someone to take a photo of themselves holding up a sign, but that's only to ascertain what they look like.

do not put yourself in a situation where it's crucial that an online acquaintance is who they say they are. please!

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Y'see, that's where I have issues with some people; you be as open and honest as you can and then, BOOM!, some arsehole does that "You're a fake!" kinda thing!

That is sooooooooo annoying!

I'm not here to 'catch people out' or to interrogate them....I'm here to make friends, and I have some great ones on here....

Some people have lied to me and then promptly buggered off.....that too makes me annoyed...

What to do? Just continue to be yourself....

Samantha xx

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A webcam is like 10 bucks , if they can't afford that then they are fake. As far as the person being who they say they are, just cuz you meet someone at a bar etc doesn't mean they are the person they say they are, the same rules apply for people on the internet.

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SamanthatheStreetwalker - Why have you chosen that as your username ? Is that a Stevie Nicks photo you have chosen to represent yourself ? (avatar ?) :)

We All 'Live and Learn' - thats life.....................


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