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It is the festival of lights and a wonderful celebration, that family gathers and shares time togeather and meals. ... I would suggest that next time you are alone for a hoiliday that might not be celebreated in the country you are staying in. Invite people over and "make" your celebration. Educate others on what the festival is, in simple terms, don't try to convert them, but make it fun.

I have invited people from other cultures to my families traditional holidays and made it fun for them. What is also really fun is just have a pot luck where you must bring a traditional dish, bring the recipie to give to everyone with a short explaination of when the dish is traditionally eaten.

You can only be richer for knowing about someone elses culture.

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A few years ago I was the only person I knew who spent Christmas on my own. It sucked. Without going into too much detail let's just say that when I told people about it they were suprised I hadn't gone insane (the jury's still out on that one).

This year I'm going to give it another go but have decided to make a real event out of it, go the whole nine yards and have the poshest, strangest Christmas I can and take pictures to show people afterwards.

Yeah, I need to get out a little more.

How was celebrating Diwali alone for you, boring, lonely, actually not too bad, pretty awesome?

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Don't know what a diwali is?? But I'm sorry you spent it alone! That's never easy.

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Its one of the biggest festivals in India...actually the biggest festivals, where we burst crackers and light up our homes with candles, lightnings, etc.

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It sounds amazing. It wouldn't have been easy to be away from your friends and family. Zenny123's answer is good!!

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