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Mine was awful! It wasa Chinese place with Korean owners I was friends with their son and it became a problem that apparently I was making a lot of mistakes. I had no idea and no one had told me that I had messed anything up for weeks. Apparently my boss had just stopped telling me if I messed up and told her son I was doing it on purpose. He explained this to me and that he knew her English was bad so he would stay with me and make sure I understood what I was asked to do. Well her version of explaining was yelling vauge instructions over and over again until I said yes I understand. To avoid making mistakes I tried repeating what I thought she wanted me to do back to her and asking questions. She gave no indication if I was right and kept yelling the same thing making hand motions. I clarified with her son that I was doing what she wanted, he was sure I was. She later got mad because I wasnt doing what she wanted. I quit after that. And he agreed she was being crazy.
shootdownthestars shootdownthestars 16-17, F Jul 6, 2014 in Embarrassing & Funny

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