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Affordable Sales Promotions is one of the largest growing travel and Leisure Company in India. It's powered by, a complete travel guide offering absolute travel information to travelers across the world and Affordable Sales Promotions has been introduced to provide to our consumer base across India allowing them to explore the rich and the varied cultural heritage and scenic beauty of India and the exotic marine and thrilling night life of Thailand. All our endeavor and initiatives revolves around highly valued customer satisfaction and each step we take is meant to enhance your travel experience.

Our choice of hotels, clearly speak that we choose and offer the best in category.

Here are some of the key facts you should bear in mind while choosing your Luxurious accommodation:

Location: if it is important that the hotel is, for example, on the beach, near the theme park, or the airport, or easily accessible from the city center or famous shopping spots then the location is paramount.

Style: it is important to choose a Luxurious accommodation that makes you feel comfortable - traditional or contemporary furniture, decoration local or international, formal or relaxed. The ideal hotel directory will be able to show the options available.

Restaurants, cafes and bars: local color is great, but in-hotel restaurants and bars can play an important role in your stay.

Room facilities: This forms an important part of your stay and a Luxurious accommodation offers those you consider important such as: bed, internet access (and maybe the additional cost of WiFi or wired broadband connection), way of sheets, blankets, pillows, bathrobes and the choice of smoking or not smoking; and this is a short list.

Take a tour at our Resort Directory and there cannot be a single resort traced which does not define the aforesaid four unique characteristic s of a Luxury Accommodation.

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