we have been in a relationship for almost 5 years. he is my bestfriend before..
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Trust your own feeling, listen to your inner voice! :D

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Trust and progress.

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Time getting know person the feeling

Grows and does not go away .

As guy I tell you I had lots relationships and

I am ashamed to say a marriage .

I thought I knew what love was all about.

Then I met my now present wife and I knew

difference .

Each day I am sure of my love with her.

It's feeling doesn't go away.

Each day I think about her want her close.

I am 55 now we been married 6 years and together

8 . Have 2 children .

Finally I think I know what loves about!

Life adventure see it to end.

That's life

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he shares his food with you lol

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Only time will tell

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You'll know

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It's always obvious

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You will just know, trust me, you wouldn't be able to miss it.

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