Are all kinds of trolling worth flagging?
ladyryan ladyryan 41-45, F 13 Answers May 30, 2012

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all people are trolls to one degree or another...

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I used to see a lot of trolls on forums years ago but I think that has calmed

down a bit.

For one. Trolls don't have much of a history at a site

meaning they post under a GUEST account or under an anonymous


or they start a real account but only post enough to troll for a little bit

try to stir up trouble then they stop posting.

So the accounts they use dont have a history behind

it you know.

Also trolls are always posting in such a way to just try and tick people off

buy saying something blatantly rude or some deal like that

I am new to this forum myself and have spotted some troll posts

and the trollers that I have seen here like cant even spell. ha ha

They must be like little kids or some drunk dummy with nothing

better to do.

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Well said Gman7.

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They turn to stone when exposed to the sunlight, don't they?

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you sure?

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They do in "The Hobbit"

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I thought that was an Orc.

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Well, they live under a bridge, and pick on billy-goats gruff.

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aha now ur caught red-handed

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You mean, like categories of offensiveness? I think everyone has a little bit of troll in them; it depends on the topic or issue in question. But I only flag or block when that nastiness is addressed to me personally.

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I never knew there were actual troll types. If a question offends me and I roll my eyes and tsk ...that's a troll to me

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oh yess-s-s! it's when we feel it that they're offensive.

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