As an employee, how do you think you can use emotional intelligence in the workplace?
Lc27Junior Lc27Junior 16-17, M 6 Answers Nov 3, 2010

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There are many ways EQ can be used in the work place. Using Intuition and having empathy and sympathy for others. Your'e own self awareness..... knowing when or how your'e moods may affect others. The ability to exercise self control and building a good level of trust. Awareness of you're own expectations and motivation by having commitment and possessing optimism and drive Good communication and social skills.

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The ability to pick up on what others are feeling, empathise and respond appropriately.

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I agree with yinandyangman but also beleive that emotional intelligence isthe ability to deciffer needless drama and important issues that need to be addressed

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Hi Lc27Junior

Be an individual and have the courage not to bow to the sub culture.


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