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The definition of good is complicated,

and it is more difficult to define good man

and good woman.

Atomic bombs are not good, but all countries

are trying to possess them for their national goodness!

Lies are not good, but we keep on telling lies

as smartness, diplomacy, or even wisdom!

Hunger is not good, but we leave our fellowmen

in their daily physical and spiritual starvation.

I feel that the definition and practice of good

is a personal matter of all individuals who

want to live as a true human being, who is

rational, intelligent and noble!

My answer appears as more confusing for

adding words such as noble, rational, intelligent

to the difficulty of the word good! And perhaps,

man's destiny is to fathom the mystery of life.

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there are good men and women,it depends on the type of man U are looking for...he maybe good for U and not so good for me,some personality don't match.....

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That could be true

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To me a good man means considerate, treat me as an equal and respectful towards me, his family, my family and everyone in between but then, I never dated a good man so I don't know really.

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But I do know one thing, I don't want him telling me what to do in my own house and I don;t want him to tell me what I can say and can't.

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I'm sorry to hear that I have dated good men and so come with "L" i their foreheads. I hope U can find the perfect man for U someday just keep looking. I believe everyone has a match.Good Luck!

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Well there's nothing that say U have to live with a man.I have a BF of 3yrs we have a great relationship we don't live together.I work and take care of myself yes, he is there to help if I need something and I'm there for him.For now this is how I want it.

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I don't know what a good man is, but a good woman is any woman who is willing to put up with me for more than a few weeks!

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A good man in a relationship is considerate and supportive, with the drive to nurture the growth of your shared future.

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a good woman is an Naughty when he's at home ..and Nice when he is away.

I saw this on my BBM today :D

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to me a good women is honest,and dont play games

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