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you know.. this always puzzles me in some ways..

I mean I get the whole "Ex's off limit" kind of thing... but what if you have a friend who has dated a LOT of people and has a LOT of EX's... are they ALL off limits?

Especially too in HS or JR high...

can you call "tags for a lifetime" on all EX's? Is there a period of time that is appropriate to wait or is EVERY guy/girl that your friend dates off limits forever?

Idk.. I understand it but in some ways Im just not so sure..... especially at 16, 17 years of age.

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I would feel as though my best friend had betraied me, I would know there and than that she was never my "best friend"

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I guess your right ! she did betrayed me :(

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I would feel hurt and betrayed but I certainly would never have anything to do with either one of them again. She clearly was never a friend to begin with.

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First I'd need:

1) A best friend.

2) An ex.

3) A convoluted sense of drama.

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wouldn't call her best friend...

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I'd have a new ex best friend.

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Thats not a good feeling just thinking bout that i have not being there sorry bout that.

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