I want to make a site for support of people who's been online bullyed/harassed. I can't stand watching this on how low of understanding people can be and i made my mind up im going to do all i can to show the harsh world to people on how it can be. but being only eighteen i don't know how
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with a good domain name, try godaddy, doesn't get much more simple

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Love the photo btw. And sadly not sure what a good one would be lol

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Google is a good place to start, but there are a ton of anti bullying websites already.

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Ill add to it because by the look's we need alot more.

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By all means go for it.

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hello I'm writing to you to let you know about a e/p member..>jackbarnesmra.

EP recently deleted Jackbarnesmra stories likely because they were in violation of the TOS, they were personal attacks and advocated for violence against ep feminists etc...

but he is stll at it!!here is proof of him and his bully abusive comments he makes about women/ feminst


If you read the comments on the article he copied and pasted about how rape is hilarious no matter what anyone says, you will see him attack rape victims, below are a few examples,

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