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My partner and i have been together for 6 years, have been living together for 2-3years and we have a three year old son. We live with one of my partners daughter and she just turned 23 and i describe our relationship AWKWARD. Id do anything for this girl as i treat her as shes my own, for 3 years i tried to be a good step mom to her, i bought her clothes, food give her lunch money, sometimes when she asks for something i always try and do it. I wanted to build a good relationship with her without trying to replace her mom. And as soon as she graduated she changed big time. She'd go out come home late at night, she would sleep iver at the boyfriends house without letting me know. She doesnt even Help out with any chores at home or food, she'l just come eat snd sleep. I feel like she betrayed me, She only plays with my son when her dads home but she doesnt really care about him. What should i do or say to her, i feel like she doesnt have any respect for me after evrythng ive dne 4 hr
Getalifegee Getalifegee 26-30, F 4 Answers Dec 3, 2012 in Family Struggles

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Well unless you're lying about your age, it's gonna be harder for her to accept you because of your age. But you shouldn't try to do everything to please her. You have to say no sometimes or she's just gonna walk all over you. But you should try just being her friend at first. Like go to the movies or dinner. The rest will come eventually.

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I'm guessing she's resenting you but that its for her father to sort out. You've done all you can by the sound of it. I'd be pushing him to organise some time together just the pair of them, but that's me.

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