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debsushil debsushil 31-35 2 Answers Apr 6, 2014 in Community

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Just as much as the rest of the world...<br />
<br />
By asking this question you prove you don't understand European history the least...<br />
Germany and Frence were fighting over certain areas ever since those countries existed... The First World War was just an other one of those fights...<br />
<br />
But somehowe the known world got involved... After the war Germany was put thru hell... Because the winning nations decided Germany was to blame for it all...<br />
According to the Versailles contract they'd still be paying their dept to the others...<br />
There was bound to be an other war... You can't put a whole nation into poverty to pay for your war expenses and not expect them to stand up at some point...<br />
Sadly the Nazi used that fact for theme selves... What made the war that was bound to come even worse... Without the situation inside of Germany things would probably have been different... But it was a starving nation... No hope for jobs... And even if you had one... They were in the middle of a hyperinflation... So the day after they got they're money it became allmost worthless...<br />
The nazi offerd them someone to blame as well as hope for jobs and riches...

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Try the Schleswig Holstein question...

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