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You regularly go out with your boyfriend who always drives. Part of your normal routine is to stop somewhere along the way home and just sit in the car and talk. You cant help but notice that he always leaves the car running, never once even considered turning it off. The main characteristic of his car is it shakes when its idling. You know that anyone close by that happens to look will clearly see the entire car shake. You're convienced there is no possible way it can go unseen or unfelt by anyone in the car. After 3 months of this go by nothing has changed and he has never once ever addressed the obvious. Curiosity has me wondering what will differ between age groups. Please keep it so the 13 year old members may answer too if they wish. Just in case you wonder the reason I'd like to see the differences.... pretty much because it went hand in hand with the popularity of spin cycles.
Firefighter343 Firefighter343 26-30, M 3 Answers Apr 25, 2014 in Community

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The driver seems to have no trouble with wasting. The engine should've been turned off while the car woudn't have moved for more than a minute. (of course not when the weather is extremely cold or hot so that the airconditioning is absolute necessary). If not out of care for own pocket than out of care for the environment. The less consume, the better, and if we have a chance to choice not polute the air for a minute or two we should take that chance.

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Why don't you TELL him to turn it off? Do you even communicate?

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I can start by saying that I had a Jeep Cherokee that was apparently pretty popular. That became clear the day a girl knocked on our door and told us that so and so said she should check it out.

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