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thats a tough one. Its hard to figure out one's purpose. I went through this myself. You may not have a clear purpose now, but it will emerge... its not something that you just wake up one morning to and say "aha i know my purpose now!". You gotta try different hats, apply yourself here and there... but ask yourself "what do i believe in? what do I value in this world?" and start from there... i guess. Its not easy to find one's purpose, but if you dwell on not having a purpose thats like sabotaging your opportunity to find one!

GL :)

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Everyone has a purpose, don't worry. Lately that's been on my mind too, and it's annoying to me since it isn't one of those things you just wake up and know one day like BiyaBeyondBlue said. My personal advice is read the Bible, although I do not know where to start----I guess that's where God leads you to what you should read:)

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You can be alone and have a purpose. The two do not go hand in hand, despite that often being the case.

Life is the journey of finding purpose through experience.

Embrace life and experience as much as you can. More people than not, never find their true purpose and are happy and satisfied.

Enjoy the ride!

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Live moment by moment. Don't dwell on the past or it robs your present. but don't forget your past or it will rob your future. the present is all we have and tomorrow never comes. so Live in the "NOW"

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