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i understand where youre coming from.

It sounds like youve got this idea in your head that something is going to come around the corner thats frightening, something unexpected. Anxiety always stems from something that is uncertain. .

and you know what ? thats what life is. All you have to do is be sure of yourself, and your abilities. and always remain aware.

i mean, you dont have to, thats just my drift.

also, sitting in the hot tub helps immensely, i mean the vasodialation in the muscles helps calm my nerves and i feel completely serene afterwards, and whole. also insence and candles help, which reminds me, i must go to the store and get s'more!

also some essential oils. check out a place that carries remedies for anxiety. natural pills. Like 5-HTP or holy basil. They work immensely. :)

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Has it always been this way? My mother is like this, very "high strung". Try seeing a therapist who teaches cognitive behavioral therapy to get some coping skills, or read some books on the subject. Also try natural supplements from a good health store. DON'T go for the prescription drugs! Avoid them at all costs! Believe me, I know what I'm talking about!

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Anxiety is a *****. Deal with it everyday all day.

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