i feel that i am not beautiful and i have no right to love . i dont have any confidence in me . just feel neglected all the time
sonam12 sonam12 16-17, F 7 Answers May 8, 2012

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''There are no Ugly ppl just Ugly behaviours''. Try to learn how to love your self no matter what. Every 1 is special in one way or another.

Take care.

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all teens under 18 feel ugly..Now you are like an unopened flower, At the age of 20-25 you will realise how beautiful you are..At the age of 35-45 you'll start to demonstrate that you are still young and beautiful and finally at the end of your beautiful life you'll say;

I don't care................

That's a life and its reality

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May I make some observations,here? Most people of your age group have self-esteem issues,particularly about their you gain wisdom and maturity,you will come to a more realistic self appraisal.Truth be told,most folks fall in the middle of thebell curve looks-wise,but more importantly,appearances are over-hyped in our society;substance is underated.I hope yoyu come to respect the unique person God created you to be.Finally,love is a beautiful gift one bestows upon another and beauty has no more right to it than anyone else.Your problem is not your visage,but the "eyes" you use to evaluate yourself.......peace

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r u ugly?

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I bet your beautiful!

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